The lamp


GLØD is Scandinavian durable design in good, natural materials focusing on functionality and sustainability.

GLØD is both simple and safe to use. It does not get warm when it is switched on and you will therefore be able to safely have the lamp standing in a child’s bedroom, the living room, the bathroom or wherever else you need a night light.

The lamp is mobile and can both stand and hang. GLØD is designed as a lightweight lamp that makes it easy to carry around even when you have your hands full.


GLØD is:


  • 16 cm in hight
  • 10 cm in diameter
  • Weighs only 600 g
  • Made from birch plywood
  • Battery powered and charged via USB
  • Equipped with LED light

The red and the golden light

With a single turn to the right, you get the healthy red night light. The lamp emits a warm red light with a wavelength of approximately 647-723 nm.

You can adjust the light intensity yourself depending on how bright a light you need.

With a turn to the left, you get a golden light that can be used in the early hours

of the morning or evening. The golden light consists of very little blue light.

Sustainable in operation

GLØD is battery operated. It is equipped with a lead-free battery that can be charged with a USB cable.


Spot Function

GLØD can be used as a flashlight. By tilting the night light you get a very direct spotlight that works extremely well when looking for something specific, such as a pacifier or a door step.