Review of GLØD

GLØD was selected as a finalist for the CareWare-Next 2018 entrepreneurial competition.

Below you can read the judges’ rationale for the nomination (translated from danish):

“GLØD is nominated because of the focus on design. GLØD is an innovative example of a mobile product that can improve the quality of sleep for people who are challenged by interrupted sleep. GLØD addresses a growing need for products that combine design, technology, sustainability and functionality. We believe that GLØD will benefit and delight in many private homes, both for toddler parents and the older generation. In addition, it could be a rapidly implemented technology in the clinical context. “

More valuable than our own words, is what others say about us. Therefore, we are happy to be mentioned in the following places:

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  • Finalist in CarewareNext 2018 – a national entrepreneur in the field of welfare technology