Light and sleep

The creation of GLØD is based on research and knowledge about light and sleep, and it
has been our wish to create an innovative alternative to the range of night lights that are
on the market. To be able to do so, we have looked deeply into the connection between
light and sleep.

Interested? Read on here:
The body releases the sleep hormone melatonin in the evening when it gets dark.
Melatonin helps to make us feel sleepy and in fact, melatonin is formed in children as early
as 2-3 months of age. However, there are a number of factors that strongly inhibit the
production of melatonin including white and blue light. If we are exposed to white and blue
light during the night, for example from tablets, mobile screens or normal lamps, we find it
more difficult to fall asleep again. These types of light also stimulate the production of the
stress hormones cortisol and serotonin.
Ideally, it wouldn’t be necessary for us to turn on lights at night. But we all know of times
when we need light to orient ourselves, see to a woken up child or find our way.

This brings us back to GLØD as an alternative light source. Fortunately, there is the red
light which has a number of advantages. It helps the body to adjust to night time, as well
as stimulating the production of melatonin. In this way our circadian rhythm is disturbed as
little as possible when we wake up at night. Therefore it is, of course, the red light we use
in GLØD.

A healthy light in the night.