About us


So how does the idea of ​​developing an alternative to traditional night lighting arise?

For us, Kristina, Anna and Peter, the thought developed after a series of interrupted nights. Initially in the need for better and different light, and a desire for a good alternative to the existing range of night lights. So we sat around the table, talking, drawing and writing. With each of our professional backgrounds, we offered different perspectives, ideas and experiences. Anna had sailed on the Pacific Ocean and experienced how red light was used to orientate oneself on the ship at night.

Thus the idea of GLØD was born.

The questions were many, but fortunately we found that the answers were even more. We have made sure that GLØD has been tested, adjusted and tested again. The lamp has been tested in both families with children and in a nursing home, both with really good feedback. For example, the residents in the nursing home were less awake during the night, which gave them a more coherent night’s sleep. We are therefore proud to say that the lamp is developed in collaboration with some of those who will use it.

GLØD is developed from our basic values ​​- design, sustainability and functionality and these values ​​have been present throughout the evolution of the lamp. The lamp is a manifestation of everything that GLØD represents.


Below you can read more about us:


Kristina Laut Matzen: In my working life I have been a nurse for 9 years, the head of a nursing home and a researcher. I have a ph.d. in public health and is now a full time entrepreneur and I’m looking forward to see GLØD in the homes of everybody who needs light at night.






Anna Kirstine Winthereik: I have been a doctor for 9 years. Apart from specialising as a general practitioner, I have a ph.d. from Aarhus University. It was about how we can ensure good treatment of very sick and dying people. Even though there is a gap between my field of research and my interest for healthy light, my research have given me the opportunity to examine the scientific foundation on the effect of the red light at night.





Peter Svendsen: I’m the architect behind the design of GLØD. I have a masters from Aarhus School of Architecture with a speciality in industrial design and sustainability, which comes to light in the lamp.